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Day 163 of sobriety

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I know A.A. is Alcoholics Anonymous.  I choose to share my experiences with alcoholism to help others.  Some at AA have hit bottom that is much worst than mine.  Some fellow members of AA have lost their jobs, friends, family, their health.  Today I have been sober for 163 days - I am loving it.  I was not a drunk, I just drank too much.  I have a wonderful family, life and career.  I love the gems of wisdom that I hear at my daily AA meetings -

1.  You can tell an alcoholic, but you can't tell him much.

2.   If you are wrapped up in yourself, you are probably over dressed.

3.  If drinking has screwed up your life, we are here to screw up your drinking.

You have to power to change your life.

4.  A man never steps in the same stream twice.  The man is never the same man and the stream is never the same stream. - Heraclitus

5.  Not changing your ways is like putting rotten milk back in the refrigerator - its not going to do you any good.

If you have issues with drinking try reading the class AA "Big Book."

Enough nuggets for today.  More tomorrow.


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