living with autism


My name is Jordan Griffin and I am autistic. I was born with autism and got diagnosed at the age of three. When we begin building the bookstore we wrestled with how we would handle the blog on our website. We know we have something to say, and everyone tells us we have to blog frequently. We decided to keep our blog relatively open and freeform. For now, I will be writing a blog about how I personally live with autism.   


This is how  I deal with autism growing up in Los Angeles. Even though I had Autism growing up I learned how to deal with it at school and by taking deep breaths whenever I feel overwhelmed.   I learned to deal with it through my accomplishments, such as graduating from high school and college and getting a Black Belt in Taekwondo.


It felt good to accomplish things and those goals always give me something to talk about with my friend and new people I meet.  I have been working in our family's online bookstore with my dad and mom. I am working in various departments of the company so I can learn all aspects of running a small book publishing company.  My final statement is that everyone is the same. Being autistic is being different, not less.

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