school and beyond

When I was in elementary and middle school I had great people that helped shape me into who I am today A lot of loving and caring people helped me develop good study skills and helped me stay on track. 

They were a fantastic group of people that is still in my life even though I am now an adult. 

In high school, my teachers helped me overcome my lack of problem-solving skills by telling me how to do complex problems.  Most of us forget how much influence our early teachers had in our lives  I was lucky to be a teacher aide in my last year of high school. It showed me the work that goes into the teaching and learning process

 After high school, my professors also helped shape me by encouraging me and giving me good advice.

 I already have sixty units and I am graduating this year with an  A.A. degree in communications. Thank you to all my professors for encouraging me, teaching me, and preparing  all those years. 

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