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Darrell Griffin

Hello, my name is Darrell Griffin, Sr.  I am only a couple of months away from retirement age.  BUT, I am just getting a second wind.  At 64 I am a works in process, I am not perfect, never will be.  I am an alcoholic.  I am currently the Co-CEO for Quick Easy reads.  I am a CPA/MBA.  I live in Northridge, CA with my family.  I spend about half my time writing.  I have multiple sclerosis and it has been 7 years since I had brain surgery.  I have five living children.  Our oldest son, Darrell Griffin, Jr. was killed by a sniper by a sniper in Iraq back in 2007.  I will be telling my story backwards over the next several months.

We have just elected Donald Trump, for better or worse, as President of the United States.  Life is going to get interesting, but we are going backward when it comes to this blog. 


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