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Today at AA meeting

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Today's meeting at AA was lively as usual.  Anon #1 said, "I still have the stinkin' thinkin'.  He meant that he still thinks of how good it would feel to knock down a couple of drinks and escape reality for a few moments.  This same brother has liver aliments and is estranged from his family.  BUT, he is trying, he is attending AA daily.  He is on the right track.  Another brother, during his sharing time said that he went into a clients office today that is a film production company.  The company had just finished post production on their latest film and everyone was in a happy mood.  He said he could tell what the "happy" day was going to be like with the CEO's choice of music on the intercom - Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb," then came Jimmy Hendrix's "Purple Haze," then came Joe Cocker's "High with a little help from my Friends."  Sure enough they started taking orders for Sativa or Indica (strains of marijuana).  When the the "order taker" got to him she said, "Oh, your are BT (Bible Thumper) so I guess you don't want any.  He said you are correct.  He is not a "Bible Thumper" but was happy to be acknowledged as such, rather than the "idiot" in the corner with saliva dripping down his shirt into his pocket protector (yes he is a self-admited nerd and proud of it).

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