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Itty Bitty Books

About Itty Bitty Publishing

Where you can find books that will give you 15 simple steps to learn almost anything from the experts in their fields.

Itty Bitty™ Books is a niche publishing house where experts share their knowledge and answer questions from Apple cores to Zebra stripes.  No longer do readers have to go through hundreds of pages of content before they get to the answers they're looking for.

Suzy Prudden, co-founder of Itty Bitty™ Books, a successful entrepreneur, and author of a dozen books, she next started coaching her business hypnosis clients in how to grow their companies. On the way, she and her sister Joan Meijer-Hirschland wrote “The Itty Bitty™ Weight Loss Book” and discovered a unique blend of publishing and business opportunity.

Joan Meijer-Hirschland, co-Founder of Itty Bitty™ Books has been Suzy Prudden’s co-author since 1987 and a writer in her own right since 1980. Like Prudden, Meijer started in traditional publishing and graduated into self-publishing and then into publishing itself.

Together they founded the Itty Bitty™ Publishing Community which publishes Itty Bitty™ Books – 15 Simple Informative Steps By Experts In Fields Of All Kinds.