Who are we?

Jordan Griffin, autistic, Vice President of Operations and product selection, came up with the idea of the online bookstore for short non-fiction books based on two reasons: His frustration with getting lost in the Amazon.com jungle. Amazon does not curate their books so there are a lot of books offered that just clutter their bookstore.  Jordan, who is autistic, a blackbelt in Tae Kwan Do and and honor student in college.  The primary reason Jordan wanted to start Quick Easy Reads was because of his love for learning and helping other people. 

Jordan approached his parents to help him start an online bookstore.  Darrell, Jordan's dad is a CPA/MBA, published author. Jordan's mom, Kim is a CPA and a graduate of UCLA, majoring in economics. Jordan's sister, Alexis, a graduate from the University of California at Irvine majoring in English Literature. As a family we all pitched in the help Jordan realize his dream. 

Jordan (VP, Operations, product selection)

Darrell (dad), VP of Marketing and Information Technology, contributing author, product review committee

Kim (Mom), Accounting and Finance and product review committee

Alexis (Sister), Internal consultant, editor. and product review and product review committee

Jordan decided that he wanted to offer short, under 100 pages, non-fiction books to the general public. His emphasis in product selection is under represented author and reader groups. You will find books by autistic authors and books for autistic readers. You will find books for diverse groups as "Christian Cannabis Smokers," and "Gay Christians.."