Opening Soon

Coming Soon! We will go live April 15, 2021. Don't get lost in the Amazon. Our readers are not dummy's they know what they want to read. Instead of a 350 page Dummy (R) book where you have to sit with a highlighter, try reading our direct, to the point books. Please sign up below to be notified when we officially launch Quick Easy Reads. Welcome to Quick Easy Reads, the home of smart and short books for smart and busy people. We offer the best of short non-fiction online personally reviewed and selected by our expert staff. Quick Easy reads is an Easy Brain Labs, Inc. company. Although our books are under 200 pages (most are around 120 pages). They are complete books or really good summaries. We want people to be able to zero in on a concept and be get a good handle in their specific quest for knowledge without having to spend time reading a 300 to 400 page book. We think it is crazy to pursue a quick read on a subject with a Dummy (R) book and have to sit and read 380 pages with a highlighter. If you are sitting with a highlighter it is not a quick easy read. We also don't want you to get lost in the Amazon (R) with their millions of books. In the Amazon books are a commodity, at Quick Easy Reads they are our passion. We will occasionally find really good books that are over 200 pages and will put them in our store after a 100% "yes" vote from our staff. We have specialized aisles for writers and readers that are under-represented in society such as autistic authors and imprisoned authors. We will add more specialized aisles based on suggestions from our readers and authors. If you feel that our store leans toward the spiritual side of things then you are correct. We are believers. We realize that everyone believes in something, in our case, it happens to be GOD. Thud Books are our bigger books. We call them "Thud Books" because that is the sound they make when they are dropped. Very good reads selected by our staff, but longer than our normal books. Contact Darrell at if you need to get into the store before it opens Dec, 2017. We also have searched the world over for the best products for stress relief and mindfulness.