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Creating Wealth on a Shoestring Budget

Craig Duswalt International

Creating Wealth on a Shoestring Budget

$ 12.95

Our small business books are quick easy reads. To the point.  In Creating Wealth on a Shoestring Budget, author Craig Duswalt provides easy-to-implement tips to help you create more wealth in your life. If you want to raise your income, you simply need to raise your standards. It sounds so simple but in today's world the "standards" have slipped to critical lows. By setting a higher standard for yourself and those around you, you will always by one step ahead of everyone else. You will run your small business better than your competitors, you will stand out from co-workers at your job. At the same time you will generate more business. As an owner of four businesses, Craig Duswalt chose specific tips that, for the most part, cost absolutely nothing to put into practice–thus, a Shoestring Budget. Bottom line–by implementing the tips in this book you can only go in one direction–up.

94 Pages : Pub Date - 05/30/04

Duswalt, Craig

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