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Identity Theft Secrets

Iuniverse Publishing

Identity Theft Secrets

$ 16.95

Criminal masterminds like Bernie Madoff and stage magicians like David Copperfield have relied upon carefully crafted "artful dodges" to deceive their target audiences over the years and achieve their desired results-fraud or entertainment. Now, Identity Theft Secrets peels back the curtain of mystery that allows criminals to steal our most precious resources-our financial assets and reputation. Minimize your vulnerabilities and maximize your defenses using the strategies provided by author and expert Dale Penn, who comes to the subject with a unique background in insurance and risk-management training as well as personal experience fighting financial crime. You can protect your family, your business, and your credit rating through thoughtful, effective preparation. With clarity and vivid detail, Identity Theft Secrets will explain how you can . identify and secure the private information that thieves want most; . isolate areas of your life or business that need enhanced privacy protection; . close personal security loopholes that are still leaving you vulnerable; . secure the wireless technology devices that you depend on most; . create a plan to safeguard or restore your most valued private information and maintain a personal information safety zone; . navigate the Internet without the constant fear of malicious attacks. Learn to protect yourself, your business, and your loved ones from painful financial fraud; Identity Theft Secrets will show you how. "Dale Penn demystifies identity theft. This book is not just an easy read; it is a must read!" -Deborah Call, Associate Dean, USC School of Law

143 Pages : Pub Date - 08/01/15

Penn, Dale

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