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Jesus Christ, Money Master

Brown Books Publishing Group

Jesus Christ, Money Master

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Financial advisor and radio personality Dr. W. Neil Gallagher is here to share the benefits of putting Christ back in the center of our personal spending habits. By taking your finances and placing them in the hands of the true money master, Jesus Christ, you can experience the freedom of generosity and wise investments. Jesus Christ, Money Master: The Wisest Words Ever Spoken on Money explores four truths taught about money in the New Testament: don't love it, do give it, how to earn it, and how to make it grow. Gallagher presents this first installment of the Jesus Master® series to guide readers toward profitable solutions leading to both eternal happiness and earthly success. Available with student and leader guides for group instruction, Jesus Christ, Money Master provides a practical, God-based plan to answer one of life's most important questions: What is my money for? This leader guide is designed to accompany Jesus Christ, Money Master, the first installment of the Jesus Master® series, in an eight-week group study. The guide includes the complete text of the student guide along with icebreaker activities, discussion questions, and additional resources for productive, challenging group sessions. Are you ready to lead others on the journey toward both eternal happiness and earthly success?

Pub: 8/1/2016 117pgs

Brown Books Pub    Gallagher, W. Neil, PhD.

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