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Rubberneckers: Everyone's Favorite Travel Game

Chronicle Books, LLC

Rubberneckers: Everyone's Favorite Travel Game

$ 12.99

Rubberneckers finally puts an end to on-the-road ennui, whether you're road tripping, field tripping, or just facing the morning commute. Crack open this box of glossy cards and let the fun begin! A combination of games all of us have played at some point in our driving and riding careers, Rubberneckers is nothing but a good time, no matter how old you are. Just think, there are 200 million cars in America. That's half a billion bored riders or a staggering 20 billion bottles of beer on the wall. Thank god, help is here at last. Ages 6 and older.

68 Pages : Pub Date - 09/08/15

Lore, Matthew/ Lore, Mark/ Zimmerman, Robert

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