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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Bookkeeping Book By Joe DiChiara

Itty Bitty Publishing

Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Bookkeeping Book By Joe DiChiara

$ 2.99

Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Dissertation Book by Dr. Laura Haase and Dr. Anja Thelen

You belong to the few students who decide to run the doctoral race but you may have underestimated the planning and preparation for this research and writing marathon. Lack of clear guidance and support often leads to a long and frustrating process. This book provides you with specific steps and ideas to conquer the doctoral journey and graduate with your capstone title.

Questions students ask:

  • How do I pick a topic?
  • How to I start research?
  • What elements belong into a proposal and into a dissertation?

If you are considering a PhD or are already on your way, pick up a copy of this stimulating book today and find strategies to complete your doctorate degree successfully!


Friends and colleagues,

Well it is funny how in life you run into someone and you just know you will have a friend for life. On a cloudy day, one September in North Carolina, two strangers met and had one thing in common – they were both working on their doctoral degree, at the same school, in the same field of study! So one person was almost done and the other had a way to go. They agreed to work together to finish and in the process, became great friends.

Today we publish this book as a way to help others with their journey and aspire to create a worldwide community of PhD’s who help others on their academic journey. You are not alone!

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