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Celebrating Diversity, one short book at a time

Welcome to Quick Easy Reads, the home for smart and short books for smart and busy people. Our books will normally be under 200 pages, with an average of 120 pages.  They are about subjects wide and far, but never negative.  We only have non-fiction books in our bookstore.  There is already enough negativity in the world, so our books all have a positive spin. All of our books must past the test of being suitable to be left out on the coffee table of a normal family home.

We are interested in indie books to carry in our bookstore that meet the above criteria.  We are not interested in books from people  with axes to grind or serve to suppress free speech.  We celebrate diversity, one short book at a time.  We are interested in books and manuscripts from underrepresented writers and readers such as:

-Conservative Christians

-Autistic authors

-Writers/ readers behind bars

-Abstract thinkers

-Economic disadvantaged

-Unusual topics

We are interested in electronic formats and physical formats.  Any written submissions should follow these guidelines:

1. Typically under a 120 pages.  If over 200 pages it has to be really good!

2.  A positive message

3.  Well written

4.  Let us know what formats are available (e.g., epub, PDF, soft cover, etc.)

5.  Suggested retail sales price

6.  Discount to Quick Easy Reads off of retail price

7.  Do you drop ship?

8. Your returns policy

We love books and it will show when you look through our catalog. 

The team at Quick Easy Reads!

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