Baby Animals Moving (Baby Animals #2) - PGW

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Around the world, baby animals move in different ways. Whether it's egret chicks practicing flapping their wings, zebra calves learning to run just a few hours after they're born, or baby orangutans hanging onto their moms as they swing through the jungle, baby animals on the go are not only adorable--they can teach us about animal behavior, too.


This second book in the Baby Animals series showcases twelve species from around the globe, each moving differently. Stunning photographs by award-winning wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas are paired with brief informational text. Designed to be read aloud or explored independently, this book reinforces how baby animals learn valuable life skills that will help them survive in the wild. Back Matter gives further information about Suzi and her wildlife photography work.

 Eszterhas, Suzi (Author)

 24 pages