Dino Record Breakers: The Biggest, Fastest and Deadliest Dinos Ever! (Record Breakers)

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Naish, Darren (Author) 60 pages 

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for millions of years--and they still rule the record books! That's because they had to be extreme to survive in those prehistoric days. So meet the creatures that have never been equaled:


  • Edmontonia, the spikiest dinosaur
  • Laellynasaura, with the longest tail ever
  • Therizinosaurus, a super slasher with killer claws
  • Fruitadens, the smallest plant eater
  • And many more

In addition to the fun facts and figures, there's amazing CGI artwork, a timeline, a box that compares each dinosaur's size to a human's, and information on who named the dinosaur. A new format of Dinosaur Record Breakers for a younger audience.