Easy Campfire Cookbook: Simple Skillet, Skewer, Dutch Oven, and Foil Packet Recipes for Cooking Over Flames and Coals

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"Todd, aka Mountain Dude, is a true outdoorsman and fire cooking legend; and Easy Campfire Cookbook is exactly the same! Full of delicious and quick meals cooked right over hot coals, this book will give you a great start to learning the basics for delicious meals around the campfire." --Derek Wolf, author and owner of Over The Fire Cooking

Review Quotes:
"It always seems like campfire cooks could be fun. This book gives you all of the tools, tips, and scrumptious recipes to get you started. I love seeing the breakdown of what to prepare at home before you leave and what steps to take at the campsite. Easy-to-execute, delicious recipes sure to make a memorable camping experience for anyone!" --Misty Banchero, @seattlebutcherswife

Contributor Bio:Dude, Mountain

Mountain Dude has extensively traveled, explored, and camped throughout several of the world's continents, beginning in the Appalachian Mountain range when he was 16 years old. After decades of experiencing and studying cultures, ways of life, and foods of the world, he and his wife have returned home and settled down to live a peaceful, purposeful life on 37 acres surrounded by national forest, creeks, and wildlife in southeastern Tennessee.

 Dude, Mountain (Author) 130 pages