I Feel!: A Book of Emotions (An I Will! Book)

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"Pura Belpér Award-winning author-illustrator Juana Medina helps young readers to identify how they feel with bold, colorful illustrations and simple text in this paper-over-board picture book, the third book in the I Will! series. Do you feel happy? Sad? Calm? Shy? Brave? Proud? This book provides a way for young readers and adults in their lives to talk about their feelings and build emotional literature together. Whether dealing with starting school, moving to a new place, experiencing a loss, or another new experience, young readers will have the opportunity to process their emotions about it with the adults in their life. With bold, playful illustrations and simple text, this picture book focuses on helping young readers build emotional literacy, affirming their emotions, and improving communication skills"--
Medina, Juana (Author) , Medina, Juana (Illustrator) 40 pages