Marine Biology Activities for Kids: Mazes, Word Searches, Crossword Puzzles, and More!

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What do oysters eat? How long can a manatee hold its breath? Discover the answers and tons of other fun ocean facts with this hands-on book of marine biology for kids. It combines on-the-pages puzzles and games with trivia about marine biology to keep curious kids engaged. On every page, they'll meet a new marine animal and then dive into an activity that shows off what they learned!


  • The beach to the reef--Watch kids encounter marine invertebrates, vertebrates, and mammals and discover where they live, what they eat, and why they're so special.
  • Lots of ways to play--Kids will solve a sea otter maze, fill in the blanks with a footballfish, connect the dots to create a sea star, and more!
  • Independent learning--Your child can do these activities in any order and use the answer key at the back if they get stuck.

Shukla, Priya (Author) 70 pages