My First Book of Ocean Animals: All about Marine Wildlife for Kids (My First Book of)

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From tiny plankton to huge whales, our oceans are home to all kinds of amazing animals. Discover some of the most fascinating marine creatures with My First Book of Ocean Animals. It's packed with fun facts and photos that teach kids all about the reptiles that crawl on coastlines, the fish that swim underwater, and so much more.
Dive deeper than other ocean animal books for kids with:

 ​​Big, beautiful images--Lots of colorful pictures will take kids deep under the ocean―no submarine required.

Life at sea--Find out where in the ocean these animals live, what they eat, and even how big they can get!

Ocean-sized trivia--Did you know that dolphins are actually whales? Or that some penguins eat so much krill it turns their poop pink?

Clarke, Ginjer (Author)  70 pages