The Girl Who Built an Ocean: An Artist, an Argonaut, and the True Story of the World's First Aquarium

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"Jeanne Villepreux-Power began her career as a dressmaker, sewing beautiful gowns for the Parisian aristocracy. But her heart longed for more, and when she moved to the seaside, she became fascinated by the ocean's mysteries. She filled her pockets with seashells and specimens and filled her notebooks with observations about coral and crustaceans and all manner of marine life. The argonaut interested her most of all, but Jeanne's observations of this shy creature were confounded by its tendency to swim away when approached. Jeanne wanted a way to bring a piece of the ocean home with her, and that's she came to build the world's first aquarium--an invention that would pave the way for countless scientific discoveries in the years to come"--Publisher marketing
Keating, Jess (Author) , Nutter, Michelle Mee (Illustrator) 40 pages